Robin (solri) wrote,

Instant Instagram Happiness

The other day I ran into my esteemed colleague Muzaffer Tunca, who as well as being an excellent teacher is a very talented sculptor and photographer. I mentioned how much I liked his latest photograph and how watching his work on Instagram brightened up my mornings. I used to read Twitter first thing in the morning, but I found (particularly after the US election) that it was putting me in a bad mood before I'd even had breakfast. (For the same reason, I don't normally watch TV news or read newspapers in the morning.) I still wanted some digital trivia, though, so I switched to Instagram , and my mood noticeably improved. Quite a few of my friends take excellent photos of flowers, landscapes etc., and I've subscribed to @hyperpuppy, which as the name suggests, delivers photos of cute puppies. As I mentioned in class, the benefits of cute puppies have been scientifically proven ;-)

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