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20 October 2011 @ 09:12 am
Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street Part II  
I was trying to give Steven Greenstreet (of Hot Chicks of OWS infamy) the benefit of the doubt, but it looks like he is indeed a wanker. (And I say this as a teacher of academic English who does not lightly use the word "wanker" in print.) Here is an extract from his Facebook page (via another post in Feministe):

Greenstreet: The way me and Brandon Bloch contribute to the movement.
Friend: Way to legitimize the movement, Steve.
Greenstreet: An erection legitimizes anything.
Friend: Even rape?
Greenstreet: It probably wouldn't be rape without one.
If this were a conversation at a party, that's the point where an embarrassed silence would descend on the room before someone says cheerily and slightly too loudly "Well, who'd like another beer?" and the conversation resumes on a subject like whether grammatical recursion is a genuine language universal or if there will ever be another series of Firefly. As I intimated in my previous post, men like Greenstreet shouldn't be on protest marches; they should be at home watching porn. Greenstreet's explanation of his film is as convincing as the famous "Lesbian Spank Inferno" scene.

The depressing thing about this kerfuffle is that I thought we'd gone beyond that. ("We" meaning the left-liberal-progressive consensus.) It's 2011, not 1980. At some point around the end of the 20th century, men and women came to a kind of tacit agreement whereby men would stop making sexist jokes and bashing feminists for being ugly and humourless, and women would promise never to cut our dicks off. (OK, very few feminists really threatened to cut men's dicks off, but men needed a lot of reassuring on this point.) Men got to watch porn so long as they didn't mind their girlfriends watching (or making) porn. You could enjoy the sight of a woman's breasts so long as you listened to what was coming out of her mouth. Third wave, and all that. Look at how the Feministe article I linked to goes to great pains to reassure both men and militantly sex-poz women:

No one is saying, “Don’t find women attractive.” I actually like hot chicks too! No one is saying “Don’t meet hot people at a protest.” People meet people in all kinds of social settings, and that’s great. I met a past boyfriend at a liberal blog conference. Meet away, I say. No one is objecting to dating or hooking up or meeting women or meeting men. No one is objecting to the fact that straight men are attracted to some women (fun fact: straight women are also attracted to some men! So really, no one is pissed about attraction, I promise).

Can't get fairer than that. Nevertheless, the detente is fragile. There is still a hell of a lot of misogyny out there, and there are still quite a few women who think the SCUM Manifesto was the last word on gender relations. The last thing we need is pseudo-progressive frat-boys trying to be witty about rape.